"Strategic preparation and training will give you the competitive edge."

Our company's reach extends outside the American borders to assist US based security needs along with the needs of America’s allies.  A few examples of 5326 Solutions' specialized training topics are:

-Advanced Tactics/Techniques/Procedures (TTP)
-Target Acquisition/Reconnaissance/Intelligence
-Combative/Dynamic Firearms Training
-Personal Security Detail (PSD)
-K9 Implementation
-Security and Stability Operations (SASO) including Humanitarian Aid

In addition to providing our own services, 5326 Solutions also provides instructor staff, course curriculums, and consultants to other organizations.  Here are a few examples of how we help assist other companies, organizations, and/or projects.

Trident Fitness Tactical (TRITAC) we provide instructor staff and training outlines for US-based Law Enforcement and offer public courses open to the civilian market across the country. 

We assist TITANIUM by providing them with the necessary instructor staff and training syllabus to further prepare Law Enforcement as well as their sister agencies within the government of Brazil.  Our staff helps our allies incapacitate emerging threats to Brazil and their constituents in South America. 

We provide Military Working Dog (MWD) and Multi-Purpose Canine (MPC) Handler & K9 Teams in support of a number of Special Forces based charities demonstrations to include the Nation Navy UDT SEAL Museum.  Our handlers have also assisted in security measures and humanitarian aid operations such as Haiti and South America.